Holiday Villas in Bodrum


For a chance to find amazing and truly wonderful short stay apartments in Bodrum, Turkey feel free to explore this page. It is equipped with everything there is to know about these short term rentals.

It has all the information about them, like the amenities, location and the price for renting. It really is a great help for all the tourists who want to visit Turkey.


Bodrum House

Stone house for rent in Bodrum, Turkey – from $82 per night!


The town of Bodrum in Turkey offers you various rental opportunities. Firstly, there are over three hundred places among which one can choose from. There are a hundred and sixty studio apartments or flats available, among which some are situated close to the city center and are all beautifully serviced.

There are also some sixty short stays that can be either rented as a whole or shared. Guesthouses in Bodrum are usually private ownership and the landlords choose to rent accommodations to tourists.

The difference is that some landlords decide to rent whole holiday home where more people can be housed or just rent single rooms from the house they are living in. The latter option is the shared room, which is much cheaper and great for travelers who come alone.

A great offer is also renting a luxurious villa. There are over a hundred listed in Bodrum, Turkey and are great also for larger groups of people and come furnished with multiple bedrooms, a big and fully serviced kitchen, a pool and even a hot tub.


Bodrum apartment

Bodrum apartment for rent. From $80 per night.


Besides these, there are also eight boats to rent that are anchored right in the harbor and gives you the opportunity to spend your vacation close to the water. Some other amenities that all or most of the temporary housing have are TVs with cable.

A wireless internet connection, washers and dryers, air conditioning or heating systems and even private parking spaces for your vehicles. There are also self-catering accommodations which allow food to be brought in.

This is always a great option if someone is not a great fan of trying new foods as it allows you to bring in and prepare anything you like. But if you plan to spend most of your vacation outside of the room and will use it for sleep, a great option is booking bed and breakfast services which grants you a meal in the morning and prepares you for the day of traveling and having fun throughout the city.


Bodrum private room

Bodrum private room for rent. From $41 per night.


Landmarks of Bodrum


Bodrum is a city and a port in Turkey, situated in Muğla Province. According to the pool conducted in 2009, the city has approximately 118,237 inhabitants. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey and one that also offers a lot of sites to the tourists.

It is famous for being the place where the Mausoleum of Mausolus is situated, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Bodrum Castle is also one of the landmarks that is a symbol of Bodrum.

It was by the Crusader Knights in the 15th century and still stands tall on top of the harbour. It is impressive that the architecture of the knights has lasted till the modern times since the castle is still pretty much preserved.

In the castle is also the place where the Museum of Underwater Archeology is situated where a lot of seafarers and sea lovers can come and visit.


Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum, Turkey



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