Studio Apartments To Let in Bologna


If you are having troubles with finding a short stay apartment in Bologna, Italy, then this site will end your troubles and your search.

The site provides our visitors the services of finding and booking private accommodations in Bologna for their vacations or other purposes of stay.

Not only will you find a great place to stay on this site, but you will also manage to save a lot of money, because the condos listed here are very affordable.


Bologna Apartment

B&B apartment in Bologna, Italy – from $54 per night!


Lodgings in Bologna


Bologna, Italy has a great variety of short term rentals. There are over five hundred temporary accommodations listed by owners. Thereof, four hundred studio apartments are available to rent, great for couples or spouses as well as for single travelers who are sightseeing.

In Bologna are also some holiday houses for rent that are suitable for larger groups of people, or shared rooms that are rented in the houses themselves which you share with other tourists.

Other private lodgings in Bologna include luxurious villas and some very comfortable lofts that are great for overnight stays or short periods of a few days. There is a special offer are three castles that are listed for rental and are fans of arts and culture.

These serviced apartments come equipped with a flat screen TV with cable and a wireless internet connection.


Bologna apartment

Bologna apartment for rent. From $90 per night.


Private flats also come equipped with heating systems, washers and a kitchen ready to help you prepare some delicious meals. These short stays in Bologna are usually owned by private owners who add some additional services to go with their leases.

For example, one can book bed and breakfast apartment which include a delicious and freshly prepared Italian breakfast with coffee or an espresso. This way you can relax in the morning rather than look around for food.

You can get up, have something to eat, prepare yourself and continue on with your sightseeing. Temporary housing in Bologna are known for being very cheap, the best way if you want to save money or are vacationing with a tight budget.

Hotels in Bologna are becoming more and more expensive and not everyone can afford to rent a room in them, but we can assure you that everyone can afford to rent a short term lease and have a great city break in it.


Bologna private room

Bologna private room for rent. From $40 per night.


You can book small apartment in the historical center of Bologna for just 30 euros per night in a typical bolognese building, suitable for one person. Be close to the main city square Piazza Maggiore and the Two Towers and rent an accommodation for 45 euros that houses up to 3 people.

For more luxury and modern condo with a beautifully furnished terrace ideal for family with a child will cost 120 euros per day. If you coming in Bologna alone and need a single room with one bed book it just for 22 euros per night.

If you come as a couple than find a room for short stay for 30 euros. As you see, the price range is variable and it’s just on you to choose the perfect one for you from the wide selection of private rentals in Bologna.



Historical and Architectural Sights In Bologna


Bologna is the largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region and is situated in the northern part of Italy. It is one of the cultural centers of Italy and has a various set of famous landmarks that are a mixture of architecture and monuments.

It was declared as a European capital of culture in 2000. It is considered to be one of the wealthiest cities of Italy and one with the best standard of living in the country.

Bologna’s historic city centre is only the second largest one in Europe and contains a lot of artistic monuments from the baroque , renaissance and medieval periods.


Bologna Italy

Bologna, Italy


The most popular symbol of the town are the towers of Bologna with the central “Due Torri” towers being the most popular ones. Famous sites include The Portico di San Luca, Porta Saragozza, the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca, San Petronio Basilica, and many more.

Some popular events that this city has to offer are Angelica, an international Contemporary Music Festival, Bologna Contemporanea, Bologna Festival, a festival of classical music, Bologna Jazz Festival, Biografilm Festival, a film festival, and many others that attract a lot of visitors.



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