Short Stay Apartments in Bordeaux


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Short Term Accommodation in Bordeaux – Information


Bordeaux short let in the city center

Short let in the center of Bordeaux


This page allows you access to some of the best privately owned accommodations available in the city of Bordeaux. Staying in another person’s home can be a lot of fun a great learning experience.

The hosts are very friendly people who will arrange a welcoming party and will help you get started to get to know the city. You have the option of having your own room while sharing other parts and facilities of the house.

But if you would rather stay alone and have the place all to yourself there are several options which could fulfill your needs. The best way to start is by leasing a flat.


There are many very comfortable and well-located properties available. It can fit any of your visiting needs and will certainly act as a great apartment for rent in Bordeaux for an affordable price.

You can also stay in a studio apartment in Bordeaux and there are several ones which are located right in the central area of Bordeaux.

Studios may come furnished with a kitchen, internet connection and a modern entertainment system which is more than you need to enjoy a great stay in Bordeaux.


Bordeaux apartment for rent 4 bedrooms

Apartment with 4 bedrooms for rent in Bordeaux


This page, on the other hand, offers solutions for people coming in larger groups and for those who are traveling with their families and even their pets.

Groups of friends will certainly enjoy staying in a great short stay accommodation in Bordeaux which has a nice bedroom arrangement and allows more people to stay here.

Holiday homes, on the other hand, are a great way for the whole family to come together and spend their vacation in a city like Bordeaux.

You can stay for few days or weeks in a vacation rental which has a backyard or you can lease a place which a big kitchen where meals for your families can be prepared.

If you value your family pet, you will certainly bring it with you on your trip and by checking the rules that the landowners have set you will certainly with ease find a place which allows pets inside.



Learn More About Bordeaux


Bordeaux is a French port city located on the Garonne River and is situated in the Gironde department of southwestern France.

Bordeaux alone has a population of 239,399, but counting the larger metropolitan area around it counts 1,140,668 inhabitants and also makes the sixth largest metropolitan area of the country.

Bordeaux has two very beautiful and very interesting nicknames, “La perle d’Aquitaine” meaning the Pearl of Aquitaine and “La Belle Endormie” translated as Sleeping Beauty.


Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France


These nicknames are related to the black walls of the old city of Bordeaux which were caused by pollution. The first thing that pops to mind when mentioning Bordeaux is winemaking.

Bordeaux has been popular for this trade since the 8th century and some even consider it as the wine capital of the world.

It exports wine to many parts of Europe and it is popular worldwide for its brand. The mentioned Old Town of Bordeaux has made the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites where buildings are built in a Roman style and dating from that period can still be found.


There is a collection of very beautiful 18th-century architecture found here which is also somewhat of an attraction for visitors. Most notable sites are the Esplanade des Quinconces, the Grand Théâtre, Place de la Bourse and Pont de pierre.

Be sure to find some time when visiting Bordeaux to see some of its museums like the Musée des Beaux Arts and Musée d’Aquitaine.

Bordeaux is also important because of its educational aspects as it houses some of the famous universities and schools, such as the University Bordeaux 1, Institut of Political Sciences of Bordeaux and Arts et Métiers ParisTech.



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