Short Term Apartments in Cambodia


For a beautiful vacation that will also be a memorable one check some of the short stay apartments in Cambodia listed on this page. The page is designed to help the tourists or other types of visitors find a place to stay while visiting this country. Our purpose is to help you find some of the cheapest and most affordable apartment rentals on the market. We will also inform you about the basic fact of the country you are visiting.


Apartment for rent in Cambodia.

Apartment for rent in Cambodia. From €19 per night.


In Cambodia there is a wide variety of rental types which can be used for various visiting purposes. The basic reason people need these accommodations is because of tourist purposes. Since Cambodia is filled with historical sites that are worth a visit, some of the most asked for temporary housings are private rooms. Out of the two hindered listed rentals in Cambodia, almost a hundred are private rooms offered by local people of Cambodia. Although you share the house with the landlord you get your own private room and the use of some other facilities of the apartment. You can find private rooms in Cambodia for a price range between 10 and 38 euros a night. Entire places are also something that the majority of visitors look for.


When coming with a family or a larger group you will look for a place which offers more space, have two or even three bedrooms if needed, and have various amenities to make your stay comfortable. There are some thirty whole houses to rent and come with fully serviced kitchens, completely new and renovated bathrooms, and offer some of the most modern amenities and services listed here. A wireless internet connection is included in all the rentals while most of the rooms come with a wide screen TV. There are some bed and breakfast offer here while other hosts offer self-catering accommodations which come with a kitchen with all the appliances so you can bring your own food inside an use the kitchen to prepare it. The list which you will get here includes some of the most modern temporary housing in this part of the world, sixty and more in Siem Reap and around thirty in Sihanoukville. The best ones are located in the capital of Phnom Penh and you can check them out by viewing the list offered on this page.


Rent an apartment in Cambodia.

Rent an apartment in Cambodia. From €114 per night.


Cambodia, or officially the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country located in the the Indochina Peninsula in the southeastern part of Asia. The capital city is Phnom Penh and neighboring countries include Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. With a population of around 14.8 million people, Cambodia is among the 70 most populous countries in the world. It consists out of nine provinces, out of which Siem Reap is the biggest one. Interestingly, the country’s top economical industry is textile, right in front of tourism which is the second economical source of Cambodia. The most visited places are the capital of Phnom Penh and the city of Sihanoukville, due to its beaches, and Battambang in the east of the country. The people are attracted because of the historical sites with Angkor Wat in Siem Reap being the most popular one. Other areas which also receive a large number of visitors are the areas around Kep and Kampot, with Bokor Hill Station as the main point of interest in these areas. The visitors who come here are mainly from Asia, from China, South Korea and Taiwan but there are also a lot coming from the US and France.



Elephant Passing Gate, Cambodia


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