Short stay apartments in Cebu City, the Philippines


For a brief but thorough presentation of short stay apartments in Cebu City, the Philippines consult this page. Here you will find all the information needed in order to have a pleasant and cheap vacation to Cebu City.

The purpose of the page is, besides advertising these rentals, to help tourists shorten their search time in renting quality vacation rentals.


Apartment for rent in Cebu City.

Apartment for rent in Cebu City. From €49 per night.


Cebu City in the Philippines offers over two hundred different solutions for your holiday purposes.

Whether your aim is to see the sites of Cebu City or have fun and relive an exhilarating weekend or just have a relaxing and quiet vacation, the short term rentals listed on this page will no doubt serve your purpose.

The location is very important, so there are many apartment rentals which are in the center of Cebu City and close to all the happenings. Quieter holiday homes are also available and are located in suburban parts of the city and promise a nice, cool, and serene atmosphere.

There are also private rentals situated close to some of the important landmarks of the city and in those cases the hosts sometimes offer their services as guides and can show you around these sites.


There are short term rentals which can accommodate from a single visitor to up to ten visitors at once on this page. Flats and shared accommodations are available for lone visitors or pairs and come at a very low price of 10 euros a night.

Larger leases, like whole houses to rent or holiday homes, have up to two bedrooms and even extra mattresses. These private homes can house a whole family at once. The largest rentals are the budget short term villas.

They are so enormous that they can house a group of 8 to 10 people. They come with separate bedrooms, enormous kitchens, private parking space and luxurious amenities like gym access or swimming pools.

Also, some hosts even go to lengths of providing breakfast for their visitors and some even include it in the price while some place it as services which can be acquired for an extra fee.

But, if you would rather prepare your own food, then you can rent a self-catering accommodation which allows you to bring in any type of food you want and prepare it any way you like.


Rent an apartment in Cebu City.

Rent an apartment in Cebu City. From €95 per night.


Cebu City is a city situated in the Philippines and is the capital city of the province of Cebu. It is a part of Metro Cebu which is the second most populous Metropolitan area in the Philippines while the city itself is the fifth most populous city in the country.

Located on the shores of Cebu Island, Cebu City is the oldest city in the country and became so by being the first Spanish settlement around here.

The importance of tourism in Cebu City can be seen from them hosting the 1998 ASEAN Tourism Forum and the East Asian Tourism Forum of 2002.


Some of the landmarks which Cebu is proud of are the old Filipino-Spanish heritage buildings, with the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Magellan’s Cross, Casa Gorordo Museum and , Fort San Pedro being the most popular ones.

Some other attractions include the Cebu Taoist Temple, the Cebu City Sports Complex and the Jose R. Gullas Halad Museum. Visitors also come here to see some of the festivals which Cebu City offers or because of the shopping opportunities available in the city.

One of the most popular festivals is the Cebu Reggae Festival while popular shopping malls include Ayala Center Cebu and the Cebu Business Park.


Cebu City, the Philippines

Cebu City, the Philippines



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