Short stay apartments in Daejeon, South Korea


This page is your quick route in finding a short stay apartment in Daejeon, South Korea. The page is arranged and ordered to serve as a more helpful and quicker way in finding short term stays in the city of Daejeon. 

Here you will also be provided with some interesting facts about the area and some general things that you may not know.


Rent an apartment in Daejeon.

Rent an apartment in Daejeon. From €75 per night.


Daejeon is considered a crossroad in the country of South Korea, every route passes through here and every trade transaction is completed through here. But a substantial tourist flow is also established here.

Here there is a way for you to avoid booking a hotel room and going through all those tedious procedures when looking for a place to stay in Daejeon, South Korea and renting it.

Short term accommodations provide a comfortable way to stay in a foreign country by paying a really affordable price. Prices are set by the private owners who list their rentals on this page and are some of the cheapest in the world.

The hosts are local people who are interested in travel and are in most cases leasing their homes while they are away on a trip themselves.


Holiday homes in Daejeon, South Korea are furnished with various kinds of amenities and provide different services. Most of them are brand new apartments or come with new and modern amenities.

Lots of the serviced apartments will include an internet connection, which is particularly in South Korea very fast, others will include a TV with a cable package and the most exclusive ones will be equipped with a private pool.

Self-catering accommodations are almost always furnished with a fabulous kitchen.


Apartment for rent in Daejeon.

Apartment for rent in Daejeon. From €26 per night.


These accommodations allow food to be brought in and the fully equipped kitchen will allow you to make a delicious meal for you and your family during your stay.

But if you are a tourist who wants to see the sites of Daejeon and does not plan to spend too much time in the flat, you can find a place which offer bed and breakfast services and enjoy a beautiful local breakfast before heading out to have fun in Daejeon.

Daejeon is South Korea’s fifth largest metropolitan area with over 1.5 million people inhabiting it. The capital of Seoul can be reached in just 50 minutes using the really fast high speed train from Daejeon.

Daejeon is also known for being a home to no less than eighteen universities. The most prominent ones include the Chungnam National University, the Hannam University, UST, the Hanbat National University, and KAIST.


The Dunsan district, situated in the central part of Daejeon is the central business district of the city and is pretty much the reason why this city has expanded so much. Also, a technological cluster known as the Daedeok Innopolis is in this city.

But besides being a modern and a technological city, it also features some cultural and artistic parts. For example, the most popular ones are the National Science Museum and the Expo Science Park.

Holidaymakers might also be interested in seeing the eight most popular places of Daejeon which have been specially designed by the government. They include Bomunsan, Sikjangsan, Jangtaesan , Gubongsan, the EXPO Park, Gyejoksan, the Yuseong Spa and Daecheonghosu lake.


Daejeon, South Korea

Daejeon, South Korea