Short Term Leases in Dijon


This page was made to help you find a short stay apartment in Dijon, France. All the rooms and studio apartments are owned by friendly locals who can help you with any questions and dilemmas in order to make your stay a memorable experience.

You can rely on reviews by other people who previously visited to make it easy for you to pick a temporary accommodation that will suit you the best.


Dijon Apartment

Apartment for rent in Dijon, France – from $50 per night!


Around one hundred and fifty vacation rentals in Dijon are available through this page and we’re sure you will be able to find the one that suits you the best, whether you’re looking for a downtown lodging or you wish to stay in a peaceful, tranquil neighborhood outside of the city center.

Moreover, you can select the short let for you based on the price, no matter if you’re looking for a budget stay or a more expensive one. A bed & breakfast apartment can make it easier and cheaper for you to try the local cuisine which is a thing not to miss when in France.


Dijon apartment

Dijon apartment for rent. From $108 per night.


You can also choose a late room option if you are coming in Dijon alone or with a few friends, but you can lease a whole flat for yourself too if that’s what suits you better.

Besides, if you’re coming with your family or with a larger group of people, you can rent a larger condo, with multiple bedrooms and feel like you’re living in Dijon. For those who are used to living in a house, whether downtown or a bit farther, there is a possibility of leasing a self-catering house or villa.

Any choice you make will also bring you amenities that are determined only by your choice of short stays in Dijon. You can expect Internet access, free parking spots, cable TV and many more. As we said before, all short term rentals in Dijon you can find here are listed by owner.


Dijon private room

Dijon private room for rent. From $34 per night


Architectural and Historical Sights in Dijon


Dijon is the capital of the Côte-d’Or department and the Burgundy region, situated in eastern France. The story of Dijon starts in the times of Roman Empire, when the name of this settlement was Divio.

Later, in 11th century it became home to the Dukes of Burgundy which lasted until 15th century, making this city a place of overwhelming wealth and power and one of the European centers of learning, art and science.

Today, it has a population of more than 150 thousand people within the city limits. The architectural styles which appear in this city are varied, like Capetian, Gothic and Renaissance and many of the townhouses were built in 18th century and earlier and are still standing.

An interesting thing are the toits bourguignons, Burgundian polychrome roofs made of tiles glazed in terracotta, green, black and yellow and set in geometric patterns.

Make sure you don’t miss out on seeing many churches and cathedrals, most of all the church of Notre Dame with its good luck owl stone relief sculpture, and palaces, museums and squares.


Dijon France

Dijon, France



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