Short term rentals in the Dingle Peninsula, the republic of Ireland


In order to truly experience your vacation to Ireland, try renting some of the short term rentals in the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland. This page allows you the most secure and quickest way of finding a place to stay in the Dingle Peninsula. It makes it its purpose to inform the tourists around the world about any available short term rentals and any updates that might occur about them.


Apartment for rent in Dingle Peninsula.

Apartment for rent in Dingle Peninsula. From €152 per night.


The Dingle Peninsula of the republic of Ireland is one of the most beautiful places of the Emerald Isle. Vast patches of green and endless and unspoiled nature is what makes this part of Ireland unique. This is what this part has to offer and what many tourists want to come and see. It is extremely hard to find a good place to stay around here but with the help of this page the search would be immensely easy and quick. The people of this land have offered their homes and listed them here to help people on need of and accommodation and with the desire to share its country’s beauty with other people of the world. There is a quite astounding array of holiday homes and private rooms to rent.


The most common type of an accommodation in these parts would be a shared one. This means that you share the home or the house with your hosts and pay for the place to sleep. But you will also within the price get a breakfast every morning, the full use of other rooms or facilities of the house and a free tour guide in the form of your landlord. Some other types of rentals would be entire homes to rent. These are larger lets which have the ability of housing more people at once. They are mostly used by larger groups, families or groups of friends, and come with two or three bedrooms, fully serviced kitchen, separate bathrooms and all the perks a typical household might include. Cottages in serene part of the Dingle Peninsula are the most popular ones. They come with the most valuable amenity of all, and that is peace and quiet. Perfect for relaxation and for an escape from the modern world and getting back to nature and the simple things. And the thing, besides availability, that makes these private housings even more popular is the affordable price, which spans from 40 euros a night to 120 euros.


Rent an apartment in Dingle Peninsula.

Rent an apartment in Dingle Peninsula. From €90 per night.


The Dingle Peninsula is the westernmost point of the island of Ireland. It actually belongs to the County Kerry and ends the town of Dingle, after which the whole peninsula got its name. Here you can find the highest mountain in Ireland, Mount Brandon which stands on the height of 951 m. on the mountain is the Conor Pass, the highest mountain pass of the island, which runs from Dingle to Brandon Bay and Castlegregory. The most western settlement of the area is the village of Dún Chaoin. Most of the time the locals, and other people as well, like to joke by calling this village “the next parish to America.” The Dingle Peninsula is also famous for its prehistoric and medieval dig sites. The most famous ones are the sites of Ferriter’s Cove and Gallarus Oratory, which is situated near the village of Baile an Fheirtéaraigh. In this village you may also find one of the most interesting tourist attractions of this peninsula, and that is the Músaem Chorca Dhuibhne, which exhibits artifacts which present the prehistoric history of the peninsula. The most popular exhibits are the Ogham stones excavated from the site of Riasc.


Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland


In only a few minutes you will be able to book and rent your short term accommodation in the Dingle Peninsula, and you may start by pressing the “Search” button from the page. From there on everything is easy and self-explanatory. We hope that you will enjoy your stay in Ireland and that your trip would be a pleasant one.