Short Term Rentals in Galway


A guaranteed way of finding a short stay apartment in Galway, Ireland would be by consulting this page. The page specializes in helping tourists find a place to stay while on a vacation.

It uses unique methods of gathering specific info about the rentals themselves, their owners and makes them available to all the visitors of this page for rent. It provides the easiest most possible way of finding a place to stay in a foreign country for any type of visitor.


Galway - Galway City Cosy Retreat apartment for rent.

Galway – cosy apartment for rent. From €50 per night.


This page immensely shortens the search period that you would spend while looking for a vacation rental in Galway, Ireland. Here you have an option to make a search pattern depending on the needs and amenities that you like and would want out of your flat.

You can set the parameters of your search or include the given filters to find what kind of rentals are in stock in Galway. There are currently around two hundred rentals available here, with the tendency of a rise because of the growing popularity of the short term rentals market.

There are various rentals situated in different locations and there are modernly and traditionally furnished flats available.

So for example if you need an entire home for rent which houses a larger group of people and includes a kitchen, internet services, and multiple bedrooms, you can easily type that into your search and then view a list of the ones which match your search in Galway, Ireland.

On the other hand if you are a single traveler who is looking for a private room or a shared accommodation and is in need of a quiet location and wants breakfast services as well, it could easily be found right here on this page.


The owner of the vacation rentals are the local people from Galway who like traveling and want to give something back by welcoming other visitors to their own country. This way people can meet and learn about different cultures and meet interesting people.

The location may also serve to be the deciding factor because people may look a flat in the center of the city or a place to rent in a more quiet or serene neighborhood.

Galway has many entire homes or serviced apartments right in the very center and also some great and comfy flats near the river with a great view.


Galway, Galway Bay Sea View Apartments.

Galway, apartment with a sea view to rent. From €117 per night.


Learn More About Galway


Galway is a city of the republic of Ireland found in the province of Connacht. More precisely it is located in the West Region of the country on the River Corrib. This town came to be when in the 10th century a fort was constructed here by Tairdelbach Ua Conchobair, the King of Connacht.

Some time later a small settlement started to grow around the fort and during the years reach the size of a small village and years after became a city that it is today. The city is mostly renowned by its culture and vibrant lifestyle.

It is the heart of Irish culture and a town with most festivals and traditional events than any other on the Irish isle. Some of the popular events are the Galway Arts Festival, the Spanish Parade and many more.


Galway was ranked 42nd in 2008 as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. As in most Irish cities, the most popular music is their own traditional Irish music. In Galway, this is a particular tradition and because of that the best music festivals are held here and live concerts of Irish bands.

Many of the notable Irish bands hail from this town and have gone on to achieve world glory. The attractions that are well worth visiting in Galway, Ireland include the Church of Ireland St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, the National University of Ireland, Galway, The Lynch Window, and many others.


Galway, Ireland

Galway, Ireland



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