Short Stay Apartments in Glasgow


A wide array of apartments to rent in Glasgow can prove to be a great solution for your vacation purpose when visiting Scotland.

As you will see, the page has hundreds of rentals listed which provide high-quality comfort, low price availability and great locations within the city. 



Short Term Accommodation in Glasgow – Information


Glasgow Short Term Rental With Elevator

Glasgow Short Term Rental With Elevator


Making traveling arrangements can cause great deal of problems, particularly when it comes to choosing a place to stay. Not all solutions are good while not every person can get used to a certain kind of stay.

The solution here would be staying in a place which will meet your needs and your needs alone which the hotels cannot bring you. But private accommodations listed on this page certainly can.

As the city of Glasgow has grown in popularity so has the number of its private rentals increased. We are offering you a hundred listed private accommodations owned by people from Glasgow and situated in various very pleasant locations.


The advantages which the hosts offer are furnished differently and has a feel which may suit many people. A personal touch is very important to your vacation rental, so by carefully browsing through the list you will be able to find something which will fit your needs.

For instance, in Glasgow there are many flats to lease, both with single and double beds. It is a great offer if you want to be alone during your city break or spend it with your significant other.


Glasgow Flat For Rent in the Heart of The Merchant City

Glasgow Flat For Rent in the Heart of The Merchant City


For those of you who would like to spend a budget holiday we offer a shared accommodation. This means a stay with your host can prove to be very pleasant because that way you will meet many interesting people.

Not only will you enjoy the company of your hosts, but they will also give you a free tour of the city if they have time. But there are other options for your stay in Glasgow as well, meaning that you can lease bigger housings and even whole houses for your stay.

Particularly interesting are those temporary housing which are situated in quieter areas of the city and offer a great atmosphere for the stay of a whole family. But a short stay apartment may also work wonders for a smaller group of five or less.



Learn More About Glasgow


Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland and one of the largest in the United Kingdom. It is situated on the River Clyde in the area called West Central Lowlands.

The city was first a mere settlement and gradually expanded during the years by being royal burgh and later famous for its University of Glasgow to playing an important part in the Scottish Enlightenment to becoming one of the major factors in transatlantic trade.

The industrial revolution is actually what made the city what it is today as it greatly added to its development and expansion.


Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow holds the title of being the European City of Culture in 1990. Some of the landmarks and institutions are the Scottish Opera, the National Theatre of Scotland, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

Glasgow also holds a variety of different venues and festivals and some of the popular ones are the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, the Glasgow International Jazz Festival, the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and the Glasgow Film Festival.

The music scene of Glasgow is busy as it has managed to make some very popular bands in the music industry and also holds a lot of concerts and musical venues in its Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Also, the city of Glasgow is famous for spawning one of the most coveted rivalries in world’s football by being home to two major football clubs, the Celtic Football Club and the Rangers FC as well.



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