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Be one of the many who have used this page to find short stay apartments in Granada. This page is designed to make your browsing period shorter and make your renting experience more convenient.

The result will be you finding a nice place to stay in Granada which will make your stay far better.


Short Term Rentals in Granada – Info


Granada holiday rental traditional style

Holiday rental in Granada furnished in traditional style


Find out more about a better and more convenient way of staying in a foreign country by using private accommodations. This page acts as a facilitator between you and the people from Granada who are willing to lease their spare rooms or housings.

This greatly helps the tourist industry because people get to visit their favorite places for a lower renting price. This also raises the level of tourism making the city more popular. But what will you get out of these short term rentals in Granada beside a lower price?

First, there are more options for you to choose from and many different rentals to view. Grenada alone has over two hundred different short lets where each one individually poses a different solution for a unique stay.

In Granada, you can choose from smaller flats to apartment studios for smaller groups or even luxurious villas. Secondly, staying with a landlord can sometimes have its advantages.


Granada apartment for rent in the centre

Apartment in the centre of Granada to let


The people who are leasing these holiday homes in Granada are very friendly and truly like to help their visitors. This means that you can ask your host about everything you need to know about the city and he or she will give you a recommendation where to go and what to see.

Additional services are also something which the hosts tend to provide as some will include bed and breakfast services with the rental.

Thirdly, the apartments for rent in Granada are very nicely furnished. In order to bring you the maximum amount of pleasure, the housings need to be in top notch condition. The different apartments include various amenities.

From arranged kitchens within the self-catering accommodation, to internet connections within each flat and even a swimming pool in your private villa, all of the vacation rentals give its personal brand of comfort.



Learn More About Granada


Granada, Spain

Granada, Spain


Granada is a Spanish city situated in the autonomous community of Andalusia and is also the capital of the Granada province. Grenada is geographically located at the very foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

It is also at the confluence of four rivers, the Genil , the Beiro, the Monachil and the Darro rivers. It also owes its popularity by being close to both the Mediterranean coast and the Costa Tropical, by being only an hour away, and the Sierra Nevada Ski Station as well.

Interestingly, the majority of the inhabitants of Grenada are not Spaniards but people mainly coming from the South American continents and the Islamic regions.

This is why the Islamic legacy is spread during the history of Grenada where you will find the Alhambra, a Moorish citadel and the most renowned landmark of the city and the whole Andalusian region.


The thing that interests visitors the most in Grenada is its Muslim art architecture with buildings such as the Generalife being a prime example.

Also, the tourists will be interested in seeing the Cathedral of Granada, the Royal Chapel of Granada, Albayzín, Sacromonte, the Granada Charterhouse and more.

You will also be interested to know that Granada is also the home of one of the most prestigious universities of Spain, the University of Granada.



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