Guide to Maastricht Coffee Shops


It is everyone’s dream to visit the Netherlands, specifically the Maastricht city at some time in their lives. Maastricht is the capital of Limburg, the southernmost and oldest city in Netherland. Although the city is small in size, it is known for its great atmosphere where millions of tourists spend some of their precious holiday time yearly. It has an interesting culture, some of the most magnificent buildings, cathedrals, houses, and town centers. The city is a favorite destination because of its fine cuisine, attractions, shopping centers, and the famous, yet controversial coffee shops.



Maastricht Coffee Shops


The term “coffee shop” is not any ordinary kind of place where coffee is served. Of course, coffee is enjoyed in Maastricht coffee shops, with some tables where customers can sit and enjoy their cup of coffee, but the primary commodity here is cannabis. There are numerous coffee shops in the city where one can buy marijuana. Up to 5 grams of marijuana can be bought as deemed by local laws. It’s important that you have your driver’s license and identification card with you as these shops are very strict about age. One should be 18 years old or above to enter these shops. Surprisingly, Maastricht coffee shops are annually visited by 2.2 million foreign customers, this is the reason why they the staff will readily understand French, German, Dutch, and English.


The Most Popular Coffee Shops

One of the most popular for visitors from other countries is the Mississippi boat. This coffee shop is built in a large boat that lays in the Maas River– one that is worth the visit. However, it is regarded by many to have overpriced products. As an alternative, other coffee shops like the Black Widow is also recommended. This one is a small coffee shop situated outside the city center with good quality and reasonable prices.  Another one is the Easy Going, known for its centrality while the Heaven 69 has an open roof diner. The Club 69 is also a must-try. This is around the corner of the Cool running and considered to be the smallest, oldest, and the most laid-back coffee shop in Maastricht. There is also another coffee shop near the Beluga restaurant that serves marijuana.


How it Works

These coffee shops are not allowed to advertise and you will not be seeing a sign that says “Marijuana or Cannabis for Sale”. If there is no dealer’s booth, you can go directly to the bar and ask for the “menu”. Then, you will be given a list of the different hashes and grasses available with corresponding prices. There are some shops that sell cannabis by weight while some in value. If bought by weight, the price is per gram wherein 28 grams is equal to an ounce. If it is by value, the menu will show the quantity in grams and you will have each variety for a given fixed price.


In terms of price, it may vary according to the location of the shop and type. For instance, the price in the center of the city or the capital can be a bit higher, especially in places where many tourists visit. In addition, shops are prohibited from advertising and many of them have removed the menus from their websites.



The Law

The legal situation when it comes to these coffee shops is a bit complicated. There are some International treaties that preclude the Netherlands from legalizing marijuana. Cannabis is illegal in Holland, although possession of it in small quantity is considered a misdemeanor, instead of a criminal offense. Carrying up to 5 grams is possible without any fear of being prosecuted. But the regulations below should be strictly followed by coffee shops.


  • No Advertising
  • 5g maximum quantity to be sold to every customer
  • No hard drugs
  • No selling to below 18 y/o
  • Max of 500g stock to every shop
  • No exporting outside NL


Perhaps Maastricht or the Netherlands in general may be unusual, but an interesting place to spend some time compared to other tourist destinations. Aside from the controversial coffee shops, the city has so much more to offer to tourists and locals alike. The people are wonderful in Maastricht city, it also has famous and world-class attractions, entertainment, culture, history, food, and art. All these are some excellent reasons why it is a must-visit place. In fact, a trip to the Netherlands only becomes complete when paying a visit to Maastricht. Most of all, coffee-lovers will have a great time considering that the city is filled with coffee shops, both the usual and the unusual ones.