Short Stay Accommodation in Indonesia


This website will give you an overview of short stay apartments in Indonesia and its cities and islands, as well as some guidelines regarding the country itself and its various areas.


Some people wonder why choose a private accommodation over hotels for a vacation. The thing is that private accommodation in Indonesia is becoming increasingly popular among those who want a carefree vacation.

Instead of complicated and tiresome procedures, rules and regulations which are encountered in hotels, by renting a short term apartment you will be able to enjoy everything a hotel has to offer with a much higher level of privacy and liberty and numerous amenities.

Also, as all of the rentals are owned by friendly local people, who will be more than happy to help you with any information you might need, there will be no need to worry about managing to see all of the sights you planned on seeing.


We have more than one thousand villas in Bali at your disposal, providing you with many luxurious options in case that is what you consider for a perfect vacation, although there are rentals of all price ranges. Also, you can find more than one hundred and twenty houses for rent in Jakarta.


Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


Accommodation for your Vacation


We have seven fully furnished apartments in Yogyakarta waiting to be booked and fifteen bed & breakfasts in Bandung. You will also be able to find fourteen lofts in Ubud available for your vacation and also more than four island villas in Lombok among other types of housing.


In Surabaya you have the option of renting one of the houses among more than twenty which are found in this area. There are also two spacious dorms available on the island of Gili Trawangan and you can also count on finding a suitable temporary accommodation in Makassar among the twenty-five which are at your disposal.

Also, when it comes to homes for rent in Solo (Surakarta) Indonesia, Central Jakarta, you can find six of them, fully furnished and available. There are seven temporary house rentals in Manado to be found through this page, and you can also find twelve rentals in Nusa Lembongan right here.

Renting a jungle hut in Medan, North Sumatra might be a great way to spend holidays in Indonesia, it’s certainly a thing to consider. For those who wish to have a more luxurious stay booking a villa with self-catering in Semarang is a dream come true.


Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Indonesia