Temporary Accommodations in Ireland


Don’t waste your time searching the internet for different sites when this page can provide you with everything needed to find a short term rental in the republic of Ireland. You will be provided with everything and more you need to know about the rentals in this country. With all the accumulated information about the accommodations in Ireland you will complete you search more quickly than looking on various different places.


Dublin flat

Flat to let in the heart of Dublin. From 88 EUR per night.


The thing you first need to know about the short let accommodation rental is that they are owned by private owner or local people from the region or place you are visiting. The friendly people of Ireland have graciously advertised their property for rent on this page, making it more easier for you to find them. More than a thousand vacation rentals are located all over the Irish Isle. From Galway to Limerick there is a vast number of different types of flats and apartments which are specially furnished by our hosts just to serve the needs of the visitors. Also, there will no need in finding a tour guide because some of the host will offer their services in their free time and show you around their cities. The second thing that you need to know is that the temporary housing listed here are some of the most cheapest accommodation found on the market. This makes it much more easier for the foreign tourists to decide on choosing a place to stay here. This way they save money which they can use on having fun on their vacation or buying gifts to bring back home. Thirdly, there is a great number or short lets available in Ireland that you will certainly find one that will suite you. For example, the cities of Kilkenny and Killarney alone have over two hundred rentals by themselves. And the number is growing because each day more and more tourists or host want to be a part of this fast growing tourist market. The next time you see an ad for a hotel you will certainly think twice whether to go there or use these temporary housings again.


Cork - Countryside Apartment to rent.

Cork – Countryside Apartment to rent. From €57 per night.


More Info About Ireland

The republic of Ireland is a sovereign state of Europe occupying the larger part of the island of Ireland. The capital and also the economical and the industrial center of the country is the city of Dublin. Currently Ireland is the home to approximately 4,593,100 people, according to the latest poll. It is a country with a very rich and in the same way sad history, because of the many disputes, civil wars and occupations this country had to endure. Irish literature is also known throughout the world because it has produced many famous literary writers whose works still live on among us. The local traditional Irish music is famous also all around and has spawned many music festivals of this kind which are held also all over the world as well as in its home country.


The city with the best music festivals in Ireland is of course Galway and is well worth a visit. Tourist wise, Ireland is one of the most interesting countries for foreign visitors in Europe. Many tourists from all over come to see the sights and try the famous Guinness beer which is one of the country’s most proud symbols. Dublin is the voted among the best cities in the world as a tourist destination as well as Galway. And the city of Cork possesses one of the biggest harbors in the world. Other popular destinations include the Dingle Peninsula, the farthest most northern spot of the island, and Waterford, one of the oldest towns in Ireland and one with the richest historic background, and others like Limerick.


Ireland Dunbrody Abbey

The Republic of Ireland – Dunbrody Abbey


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