Find the Best Accommodations in Italy


This page will help you find the best short stay apartments in Italy that suit your budget. Finding a good accommodation is important no matter where you are traveling. It is the place you return to after a long day of sightseeing and shopping.

Italy has plenty to offer you in terms of sights and attractions. Shopping is also a joy as it is one of the world’s fashion capitals. You can have a great vacation in the country that has a rich historical background.


Siena apartment

Siena apartment for rent. From $62 per night.


In today’s world, everyone wants to save money especially when they are traveling. Hotels can be expensive and they lack the personal touch that you often need when you are in a foreign country. Holiday rentals are popular these days as they are private, comfortable and affordable.

If you plan on to stay for a few days or weeks, you can opt for short term rentals. You can also take houses, apartments and rooms on lease basis. You can always find the perfect accommodation for rent to suit your budget. If you want to rent something that offers more luxury, you can rent villas that are exclusive and lavish.

There are also plenty of options for those who want to rent a place that is cheap. For them, rooms are the best choice as they do not have to pay much but are still comfortable enough to make their stay in Italy pleasant.


Naples Penthouse

Rent a penthouse in Naples, Italy – from $68 per night!


Italy has many beautiful cities that are worth visiting. Each city has its own charm and quirks. Cities like Milan, Rimini, Naples, Pisa, FlorenceVerona, Palermo, Sorrento, Bologna, Alghero, Siena, Turin, Catania, Syracuse, Riccione, Bergamo, Perugia, Genoa, Ravenna, Venice and Positano are just some of the noteworthy cities that you must visit while you are in the country.

Positano is a little town that is situated on the Amalfi Coast. It is one of the best cities to visit in Italy especially if you want a relaxed time. For those who like the hustle-bustle of big cities, Milan is the ideal place to visit. With designer boutiques and posh cafes and restaurants, you can have a great time here.

The country’s rich history provides tourists with many interesting monuments and buildings to see. You will be amazed at how much beauty the country has. Whether you like fast-paced modern cities or quaint little towns, Italy has the perfect place for you to visit in every direction.


Pisa Studio

Studio available for rent in Pisa, Italy – from $75 per night!