Short Term Accommodations in Japan


This page was designed with the intention to help you with planning of your holiday trip and to give you an overview of fully furnished short stay apartments in Japan as well as specific cities of this country. We will also provide you with a short summary of characteristics and noteworthy facts which describe this country and make it interesting to visit. As one of the countries with very long history, spanning the centuries, Japan offers an enlightening opportunity to experience a completely different lifestyle and environments which will make you stop and think, as in this country everything and everyone is dedicated to maintaining tradition and upholding efficiency as a principle in everything.


Apartment for rent in Japan.

Apartment for rent in Japan. From €138 per night.


Having in mind that lately hotels are losing their privileged position in the sphere of tourism, and an ever-increasing level of popularity of short stay rentals, it is easy to see what are the advantages of the latter option. First of all, the hotels possess complicated procedures, rules and regulations which you won’t encounter when it comes to private accommodation. Secondly, with short lets in Japanese cities you have many more options regarding the type of accommodation, location and price. With a wide variety of rentals which are available in Japan, it is safe to say that they can cater to every budget, whether you’re looking for a cheap dorm or a luxury villa in the mountains. Rentals which are listed are all owned by friendly local people. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting any piece of information you might need during your stay, as well as directions to famous landmarks and picturesque natural environments.


Rent an apartment in Japan.

Rent an apartment in Japan – From €36 per night.


Also, in case you’re looking for a restaurant in which you will be able to try out the best prepared local specialties you can rely on your hosts to give you an advice and directions. One more thing which makes the temporary accommodation options a great way of spending your vacation in this area is actually an entire list of things. Exactly, you can expect many amenities which will make your stay even more comfortable and the precise list of the available amenities depends on the particular rental in Japan you choose to book. Some of these amenities are Internet access, self-catering, free parking on premises and many more.


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Streets of Tokyo, Japan

Streets of Tokyo, Japan


You can expect to find more than one hundred and ninety short term rentals in Osaka, Japan via this webpage, varying in types and locations with a predominant rental type being entire flats for rent, with multiple bedrooms. That way, in case you intend on visiting this area with a larger group of people everybody will have more than enough space for themselves. Also, there are about thirty short lets in Sapporo, Japan featured through this web page and we’re sure that you will be able to find one which will be perfectly suited to your vacation preferences. The most represented type of rentals in this city are private rooms which will provide you with a good level of comfort at an affordable price. About one hundred and eighty temporary housing options in Kyoto, Japan are at your disposal, predominantly featuring traditional Japanese design. The Japanese capital has the most diverse short stay apartments offer, so expect to find about nine hundred temporary accommodation options in Tokyo, Japan. The short let type which offers the most options are the entire apartment options, with a high level of comfort and many amenities, able to cater to every budget.




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