Short term rentals in Killarney, the republic of Ireland


Tourists, visitors or simple passersby, come and see the grand selection of short term rentals in Killarney, Ireland that we have in stored for you on this page. Here you will find the necessary info needed in order to have a more cheaper vacation and a more pleasurable one as well.

The purpose of the page, besides advertising these short term apartments, is generally helping these visitors in finding a more convenient way to visit countries they have always wanted to see.


Killarney, View House apartment for rent.

Killarney, View House apartment for rent. From €140 per night.


Killarney in the republic of Ireland is a town very much renowned among the tourists. Many of them who have already visited it are coming back again while the newcomers are piling up more each year.

This is of course good for the tourist industry, but the problem begins to grow when congestion among the arriving people leads to overbooking of usual methods of finding accommodations. So this is why this page exists.

It allows you to find a place to stay in Killarney very easily and for a much cheaper price. The owners of these serviced apartments listed here are the locals from the area themselves who are happy to house foreigners or other arriving people in their homes or rent them a spare holiday home during their visit.


There are several ways you can try depending on your budget, group of people and your basic needs for you holiday. The cheapest method is by renting a shared room. You will share the accommodation with the landlord or other visitors but will pay a substantially lower price.

The perks of it may be getting a served breakfast every morning and a free tour guide in your host. A private room is also one of the popular methods where you rent a room in the home of your landlord. You will be living together for that time, but you will enjoy your privacy in your bedroom.


There are some common spaces which you share but the advantages of this is, besides privacy, the full use of other parts of the house, in some cases even your own private bathroom, and amenities in the form of a free parking space or free internet services.

The best option for larger groups of visitors are the entire homes for rent. These holiday homes offer enough space for everyone to feel comfortable, multiple bedrooms and you very own kitchen.

More amenities and services can also be available and if you choose one of the more luxurious ones you can enjoy having a swim in your private pool or relaxing in a hot tub.


Rent an apartment in Killarney.

Rent an apartment in Killarney. From €70 per night.


Killarney is situated in the southwestern part of Ireland in the County Kerry. It is situated on the shores of Lough Leane which is a part of the Killarney National Park. In 2007, Killarney was awarded the “Best Kept Town” award on the Irish Isle.

Killarney is among the most popular Irish towns among tourists and some consider Thomas, fourth Viscount Kenmare or Lord Kenmare to be the father of tourism in Killarney. He started this as a way to attract more people to come to the town in order for it to grow.


Today, the tourism industry in Killarney is one of its greatest economic factors. Now people from the US, Germany, the UK and other parts of Europe are its most frequent visitors.

Some of the events and festivals that attract these people are the Ring of Kerry Charity Cycle, the Killarney Races and the Killarney Regatta.

Most prominent attractions in Killarney include the Lakes of Killarney, Muckross Houseand Abbey, MacGillycuddy’s Reeks, the Purple Mountain, the Gap of Dunloe, Mangerton Mountain and the famous Torc Waterfall. The most famous buildings visited by tourists here are the Ross Castle and St Mary’s Cathedral.


Killarney, Ireland

Killarney, Ireland



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