Short Stay Apartments in Lapu Lapu, Philippines


In order to acquire some affordable short stay apartments in Lapu Lapu, the Philippines consult this page and you may have some luck.

Here you will find a selection of private rentals located in this city and the page will provide you with the information on how to find them, rent them or get in touch with the landlords.

The purpose of this page is to advertise these private rentals and make them more available to the people who need them and also provide information about the area.


Apartment for rent in Lapu Lapu

Apartment for rent in Lapu Lapu. From $42 per night.


Lapu Lapu provides a list of over two hundred short term rentals. All of them are private property of the people from the city who, by using this page, advertise their homes, apartments or even whole houses for rent.

There are many different types of rentals equipped with many different amenities. Some of the holiday homes have more luxurious and modern amenities and services than some of the local hotels do.

By mentioning that all of the accommodations come with an internet connection, some of them have cable TV included within the price.

Temporary housing in Lapu Lapu, the Philippines include single flats, apartment rentals which can house from two to five or six people at once, whole houses or holiday homes which are meant for larger groups of people and modern but also luxurious short term villas as well.


The cost of entire homes can range between some 20 and 70 euros a night. Flats and apartments are the least expensive and can be found for the lowest price of 10 euros a night, while short stay villa as the most modern rentals here cost some 50 to 150 euros a night.

There are a dozen of luxurious rental types and they come with fully furnished kitchens, private parking space in the confounds of the premises, a personal swimming pool or a hot tub and even a private gym.

Since location is also very important, we are offering you these vacation rentals on some of the popular locations in the city.

There are some which are in the center of Lapu Lapu where everything is close to you, in the suburban areas where you can enjoy the peace and quiet you are yearning for while on a holiday, or close to the many attractions of the city.


Rent an appartment in Lapu Lapu.

Rent an apartment in Lapu Lapu. From $41 per night.


More Info on Lapu Lapu


Lapu Lapu or Lapu Lapu City is located in the province of Cebu. It is Philippines city with 350,467 people living in it. It is also a part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area.

The locals consider Lapu Lapu as a highly urbanized city and regard it as one of the most modern ones in the country. Geographically the city occupies most parts of the island of Cebu, Mactan Island and the Olango Island Group.

The closest city is Mandaue City which is linked with Lapu Lapu via the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge. The Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which is also the second largest airport of the country links Lapu Lapu with Manila and other bigger cities of the country.

The city got its name after Datu Lapu-Lapu, a former chieftain of the island who managed to fight off the invading forces.

His history and the history of the city can be seen in one of the most important attraction of the city, at the Lapu-Lapu shrine which is situated at Barangay Mactan.


Lapu Lapu, the Philippines

Lapu Lapu, the Philippines



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