Private Apartments For Rent in Naples


On this page you’ll find a list of short stay apartments in Naples, Italy and in this particular article you will find information about renting private apartments in the city along with a guide to the city’s main attractions.


Naples Penthouse

Rent a penthouse in Naples, Italy – from $68 per night!


Private Apartments in Naples


For your city break in Naples, Italy we would highly recommend you to rent one of the studio apartments near the coast to enjoy your stay in privacy and comfort at a cheap price.

All around the world short term rentals are much better solution for a temporary stay than hotels as they have a lesser rules, providing you more privacy and space. Private flats in Naples are a great remedy if you’re travelling with family or friends.

Self catering accommodations listed by owners give you a fully furnished kitchen that can be used to cook food to keep your budget in check. Also, for a single man or couples who comes for a few days or a weeks there are short stay apartments with one room, private bathroom, clean towels and furnished kitchen available for cooking.


Naples, apartment

Apartment in Naples for rent. From $47 per night


While visiting Naples you can rent a holiday villa near the coast of Tyrrhenian Sea and enjoy your stay gazing at the beautiful waves and breathing fresh air in luxury. In a beautiful city like this you can’t check out romance.

The natural beauty of Naples makes it a really romantic destination and you will not mistake if you rent one of a private rooms with terrace or a villa so you could enjoy the view. They prove to be a lot more romantic than your usual hotels as they are greatly furnished and you are all alone with your partner.

There are many short lets in Naples with balconies and spacious houses listed on our website by people who are ready to accommodate visitors for a short period of time at affordable rates.


Naples, home

Naples, home for rent. From $52 per night



Information About Naples


Naples being the capital of Campania is also the third largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan. Naples city center covering an area of 1700 hectares is the largest city center in Europe and has been said to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Naples has a really deep history along with a charming seashore so you’ve got a lot of things to visit. From museums like Archeological Museum to sea shore neighborhoods like Santa Lucia, they city’s got it all.

We would like to recommend you to visit Pompeii, Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Centro Storico, Ascione and Castel dell’.


Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy



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