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A range of the best short term rentals in New Zealand that money can buy could be viewed on this page. Here you have the opportunity to choose among the best accommodations available in this country.

The page has a purpose to bring these rentals much closer to you so you can rent them. You can also find something that you did not know about this country before you embark on a journey to visit it.


Apartment for rent in New Zealand.

Apartment for rent in New Zealand. From per €74 night.


A country which attracts people with its natural beauties and historical heritage, something that most tourists are coming here to see.

The short stay apartments listed on this site allow you to see everything that you wanted to see in New Zealand and in some of its cities like Napier or Tauranga for a cheaper price.

The city which has the most listed rentals is the city of Auckland which has more than six hundred available short term accommodations of different type.

The capital of Wellington is not too far behind with the number of rentals and feature more than three hundred hosts together which are offering you three hundred different potential vacation rentals in order to see the wonders of New Zealand.


You can find a place to stay in urban areas like in the center of the city of Hamilton or find a flat which has some very modern amenities to go with it.

You can see the cultural and historic sites that the city of Dunedin can offer you by finding a private room or a shared accommodation near some of this landmarks so it will not take too much time for you to see them.

Or if you have ever wanted to see or visit the lakes of New Zealand and spend some time wandering around them, you can easily rent a cottage or a boat to stay on in the town of Rotorua which has more than fifty available holiday homes for you to choose from.

Some are even labeled as child and family friendly so you can bring your whole family on a trip with you. Some even allow pets inside so the extended member of your family can come along too.

If you are willing to spend some time in nature, we recommend you rent a place to stay in Whangarei and enjoy nature at its best.


Rent an apartment in New Zealand.

Rent an apartment in New Zealand. From €87 per night.


New Zealand is an island country which is situated in the southwestern part of the Pacific. It comprises of two main islands, the Te Ika-a-Māui and Te Waipounamu and also some smaller islands surrounding it. The capital of the country is Wellington.

The closest neighbor of New Zealand is the island or Australia which is approximately 1,500 kilometers distant. It was the last part of the Earth to be settled by humans due to its remoteness to every other spot on the planet.

It has a very unique flora and fauna which could only be found here. Plants have evolved differently here because they were separated from other forms of plants and the birds around here are particularly interesting.


The most known is the national bird of New Zealand, the kiwi bird. The indigenous people of the island are considered to be the Polynesians who have developed the Māori culture, but today the majority of the population of this country is of European descent.

The most interesting parts of New Zealand have to be the part of intact nature which this country is filled with. Also, many people are interested to see and meet the local culture and see the remnants of this ancient civilization which used to live here.

An interesting fact is that all three parts of the epic blockbuster movie The Lord of the Rings were filmed here.


New Zealand

New Zealand



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