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Welcome to the page we have created to make it easier for you to find short stay apartments in Nimes, France.

You can also read the reviews and impressions of those who already visited, which can help you in choosing the right accommodation for your stay in this city.

Locals that will be your hosts will be eager to help you out with any information necessary.


Nimes Apartment

Rent an apartment in Nimes, France from $83 per night!


We have almost one thousand temporary housing in Nimes featured on through this page so you’re bound to find one that will be simply perfect for you, fitting to your vacation style, helping you to feel like at home.

In Nimes, you can rent castles or lovely villas if you like to spend your vacation in a luxurious style, feeling as a part of French nobility.

On the other hand, if you are coming over on your own and wish to find a budget rental you can opt for bed & breakfast flat so you can spend more money on sightseeing instead of using it for lodgings.


Nimes apartment

Nimes apartment for rent. From $107 per night.


If you’re coming in Nimes as a part of a large group you can rent a studio apartment with two or three bedrooms downtown, or in a more tranquil neighborhood.

Also, you can expect all sorts of amenities to be at your disposal, whether you prefer self-catering, a kitchen which you can use at any time you wish, a cable TV or just kid-friendly premises.

As you can see, there are various types of short lets and whatever you choose you won’t mistake.


Nimes private room

Nimes private room for rent. From $47 per night.


Something About Nimes


Nimes is situated in the southern France in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It is the capital of the Gard department. Having a rich history, dating back to the era of the Roman Empire, makes it a popular tourist destination.

There are many monuments and landmarks in Nimes. Some of them are the elliptical Roman amphitheatre, the 18th century Jardins de la Fontaine, Pont du Gard, Maison Carrée (a small Roman temple).

Some of the later monuments are The cathedral of Nimes dedicated to Saint Castor of Apt, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nimes (Museum of Fine Arts of Nimes), and you can see that the tree-shaded boulevards follow the foundations of its former city walls.


Nimes France

Nimes, France