The Best Short Term Rentals in Norway


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Stavanger Room

Rent a room in Stavanger, Norway – from $61 per night!


If you are planning a trip to Norway, here you will find the best holiday rentals in the country. No matter what your budget is, you can find the ideal place to stay that provides you with all the comforts that you need to make your stay a pleasant one. Norway is a country that is famous for the midnight sun. It is also known for the fjords and mountains that are found here. In northern Norway, you can witness the Northern Lights between autumn and spring. With so much beauty, it is no wonder that it attracts people from all over the world every year.


Trondheim private room

Trondheim private room for rent. From $68 per night.


To have the most comfortable stay in Norway, you can choose to rent houses and self catering apartments. Rooms are also available for rent if you are traveling alone and are on a tight budget. Cheap private accommodation is not hard to find and rentals are preferred by most tourists as hotels cost a lot. It is a great solution for those who plan to stay in Norway for a short period of time. These short lets are preferred by many as they are not only cheaper but are much more comfortable and provide all the amenities that make it a home away from home. They give you the privacy that you need to relax after a long day of sightseeing and shopping. You will also find bed and breakfast rooms that can be taken on lease if you are planning a long stay. If you are looking for luxury, you can rent private villas that have lavish amenities so that you can spend your time in Norway in style. Booking should be done as early as possible so that you get first choice of private flats that are available.


Oslo apartment

Oslo apartment for rent. From $108 per night.


Popular Cities in Norway


Telemark, Norway

Telemark, Norway


Norway has many natural attractions that are beautiful and unforgettable. Cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim are some of the best places to visit. If you are in Oslo, do not miss the Akershus Castle, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Bærums Verk and Blaafarveværket, just to name a few. In Bergen, Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf, Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum and MS Polarlys are just some of the many attractions in the city. If you love adventure, you should definitely visit the Lovstakken Mountain while you are in Bergen. In Stavanger, you should see the Lysefjord, Flor og Fjaere, Vaulen Beach, Stavanger Museum and Stavanger Cathedral. There are many other interesting places and things to do as well. If you are in Trondheim, Ringve Museum, Nidaros Cathedral, The Archbishop’s Palace, Rockheim and Stiftsgården, the Royal Residence are must-see attractions. You can experience music festivals, jazz and blues festivals, etc. in this wonderful city. You will no doubt have a fantastic stay in Norway.





Now that you have information regarding holiday rentals and all the different places and attractions to visit in Norway, you can plan a trip that will be organized and enjoyable. You can click on “SEARCH” to learn more and book the best lodgings in Norway. We are certain that you will have an experience that is unforgettable and fun in Norway.