Private Apartments to Rent in Porto


Experience the luxury of finding apartments to rent in Porto at incredible speed and ease this page. The page is arranged to bring you quality private accommodation at low prices and it does so by concentrating on the city of Porto and all the available short lets here. 


Basic Info on Short Term Accommodations in Porto


Porto private apartment for rent

Private apartment in Porto for rent


Making an enquiry and searching for a place to stay for short period in a foreign country does not have to be a nightmare anymore. You do not have to search for hotels which can meet your needs nor spend a ton of money on them.

This does not have to be an issue as you can stay in private rentals owned by people from the city you are visiting. Currently, the city of Porto has a selection of around five hundred self-catering accommodations available.

This brings you many different options and a lot of room to maneuver in terms of making your arrangements for any type of visiting purpose you wish. Take a look at the offer of private rooms offered here where you can share the place with your host.

Flats are also available and these are the most used kind of vacation rentals in Porto. There are some which are situated in the central part of Porto, but around the harbor as well. The locations are also a crucial part of your booking arrangements and you can base your search on the type of the area you wish to stay in Porto.


Porto traditionally furnished short stay for rent

Traditionally furnished short stay accommodation in Porto


All of the short stay apartments here are equipped with many amenities which will make your stay much easier. Find a place with a terrace and a view of the marina or a beautiful holiday home with a great back yard.

Vacation rentals for a family stay can be leased at an affordable price. These housings are equipped with the amenities a regular home includes and make it a great option for any larger group. Also, some villas are available in Porto which are the most exclusive type of a stay listed here.

There are a dozen of them offered here and their price is more than a bargain when we you how beautiful they are. Take a look at all of the listed temporary accommodation listed here and find the one which will meet your needs.


Learn More About Porto


Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, after the nation’s capital and also one of the major urban areas of southern Europe. Porto is listed as a Gama level global city and has a population of 1.4 million people while the metropolitan area has a population of 1.8 million people living in it, making one of the largest urban areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

Porto was known as a Roman outpost in its past. Called Portus Cale, it was one of the most important outposts of the Roman empire and greatly added to Porto being listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site in its contemporary history. Also, something which has put Porto on the map is their local wine.


Porto a rainy day

a rainy day in Porto


The Vila Nova de Gaia is responsible for this product which is famous for its rich taste all over the world. Porto also houses many musical events as the modernly built Casa da Música is a great spot for many venues where many famous artists come.

Being an important musical center of Portugal, Porto also has many entertaining festivals which are visited by the locals and the foreigners equally. The St. John and Queima das Fitas is just some of the events which occur here.

In terms of architecture, Porto is one of the leading ones in Europe, with the Romanesque Cathedral as one of the main examples. The Porto School of Architecture is perhaps the leading one in this field and has managed to produce many great minds in this field.

Tourism is one of the most important branches of Porto’s economy and has expanded recently. Porto won the European Best Destination for the years of 2012 and 2014.



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