Apartment Rentals in Riccione


The visitors of this page can easily find short stay apartments in Riccione, Italy. It is dedicated to finding cheap and affordable temporary accommodation for tourists who want to visit the city of Riccione. 


Riccione Apartment

Rent an apartment in Riccione, Italy – from $30 per night!


Riccione Accommodation


Riccione is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Italy and there is a great competition between visitors when it comes to finding short stay rentals. Hotels are usually booked in advanced and charge ridiculously expensive prices.

On the other hand, short term leases in Riccione are affordable and much cheaper than the hotels and can be easily booked. On this page one can find over three hundred available vacation rentals to choose from in Riccione, Italy.

You can find condos in the center of Riccione as well as ones close to the beaches so one does not have to walk too long. There are great studio apartments which come furnished with a TV, internet connection, air conditioning system and available bed and breakfast services.


Riccione apartment

Riccione apartment for rent. From $34 per night.


There are also some self catering houses available for rent, great for larger groups of people and come with fully furnished kitchens and two or more bedrooms for multiple visitors to sleep in.

In addition, you can find guesthouses in Riccione that are owned by private owners who rent rooms in the area. They usually rent single rooms to travelers so one can share the house with the landlords themselves and others tourists.

There are also some great and luxurious villas in the area of Riccione that are either close to the beach or have a pool, so a chance to take a swim is always close to you. These short stay villas also come with a hot tub or a gym that you can use whenever you want.

For travelers who come with their own cars there is an available private parking space for your pleasure. For a more luxurious vacation, there are four boats in Riccione that can be rented by those who would like to spend the whole city break close to the water and enjoy the sun and the luxury of the place any time.


Riccione private room

Riccione private room for rent. From $41 per night.


Prices of Short Lets in Riccione


If you are looking for a private accommodation near the beaches of Riccione here you will find one. Prices for renting one of the temporary apartments are from 27 to 100+ euros per day. If you need lodging for your family or larger group of friends near the train station, but still close to the center of Riccione there is one for 70 euros per night.

It has 3 bedrooms and houses up to 6 people, and you will be provided with breakfast. For those who are looking for a quiet and green surroundings in Riccione we have a holiday house with a lovely terrace and a swimming pool for 65 euros per day. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people.

In Riccione you can book a private room for 24 or less euros per night. Most of these late rooms provide breakfast in the morning.



Places You Should Visit in Riccione


Riccione is situated in the north of Italy in the Province of Rimini, Emilia-Romagna. The population of the city is estimated to be at 34,868. The city has gained its popularity as a popular summer tourist resort during the years. As the years gone by Riccione became one of the most visited resorts on the Adriatic riviera.

Tourists mostly come to enjoy the beaches and the nightlife of the city and Riviera Romagnola has plenty of discos that allow people to have a great time. There are a lot of theme parks and places suitable for kids so people with families also enjoy coming here.


Riccione Italy

Riccione, Italy


The viale Dante and viale Ceccarini are the main streets of the city which house many spots and night bars, restaurants and shopping malls that are a great place to have a bite to eat or a drink or just go shopping with your friends.

Along the boulevard near the sea coast there is a bike lane and bicycle riding is very popular here and tourist also enjoy it. The most popular event of the city is the pink night when the whole city becomes pink and lasts for almost a week. Parties and different events are organised all over the city and on the beaches as well.



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