Private Apartments For Rent in Siena


Welcome to the page that helps you find short stay apartments in Siena, Italy. The purpose of the page is to introduce you to private accommodation in Siena that could be your place of stay during your trip to this town.


Siena Flat

Rent a flat in Siena, Italy – from $54 per night!


Short Term Rentals in Siena


Late rooms in the city of Siena in Italy are very well furnished and are as comfortable as any lodgings you might find out there. There will be no need for a hotel because these temporary housings are all what you need but for a lot less money.

The vacation rentals are in most cases owned by private owners who let their houses be used at cheap prices. This is the main purpose why these flats are so affordable. Guesthouses in Siena, Italy are numerous and are situated in some of the main places of the city.

There are studio apartments for rent in Siena and holiday houses to choose from. You can find around a hundred luxuries villas in Siena, ideal to accommodate a larger group of people or families.

If you have a general idea about what you are looking for, you can use the filters on the site and have them in order to make it easier for you to choose one of the apartments in Siena. There are also some amenities that you might consider when looking through the short lets in Siena.


Siena apartment

Siena apartment for rent. From $62 per night.


These short term leases are furnished with an internet connection and flat screen TV that can help you pass your free time during your stay in Siena. Condos come serviced with heating and air conditioning systems while others offer washers and dryers with indoor fireplaces.

Whole houses for rent are usually serviced with a great kitchen that is perfect for preparing food for larger groups of people. The places with a kitchen are often listed as self-catering accommodation. On the other hand, there are landlords in Siena who

On the other hand, there are landlords in Siena who offer bed and breakfast apartments so one can easily skip the entire process of preparing food and enjoy the one that is provided with the serviced apartment.

Short stays in Siena in some cases have a pool and a hot tub and even a gym access. All of these can be available to you for very low prices.


Siena private room

Siena private room for rent. From $34 per night.


When you come to Siena you probably want to find a temporary housing near all city’s attractions. Most of our short term rentals are situated in the heart of Siena, nearby the Piazza Del Campo and the price rates going from 50 euros to 168 euros per day.

But if you are coming with a larger group, then the perfect solution is to book, for example, a condo with 2 bedrooms that accommodate up to 6 people. It is also suitable for families with kids and costs 250 euros per night. If you are more for renting a room, rates

If you are more for renting a room, rates go from 45 euros to 130 euros, located in the Siena’s center. Single or double room with a shared bathroom and kitchen, or late room with private bathroom it’s on you to choose.



Landmarks of Siena


Siena is a city in Italy and the capital of the province of the same name. It is situated in Tuscany and is also declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is one of Italy’s most visited tourist cities

It attracts visitors with its museums, cultural landmarks, art, architecture and a medieval cityscape. For the fans of Romanesque-Gothic architecture, a perfect place to visit would be the Siena Cathedral.


Siena Italy

Siena, Italy


The town square, called Piazza del Campo, houses the Torre del Mangia and the Palazzo Pubblico is another architectural masterpiece and is also the place where the Palio horse race takes part every year.

In Siena, one can also find one of the oldest banks in the world, the headquarters of Monte dei Paschi di Siena is situated in the Palazzo Salimbeni and also represents one of the town’s treasure.

Other landmarks of the city include the Basilica dell’Osservanza, the Santa Maria dei Servi, the Sanctuary of Santa Caterina and many more.



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