Short Stay Apartments in South Korea


A very appropriate place for finding various short stay apartments in South Korea would be by doing so on this page. The purpose of the page is, by advertising these rentals, make them more popular among the visitors thus helping them in having a better and a more personal vacation rental.

The page offers some information about the country and the area you are visiting and where you accommodation is situated.


An apartment for rent in South Korea.

An apartment for rent in South Korea. From per €54 night.


South Korea is attracting more and more tourists every day and hotels cannot handle that much of people coming into this country. So the second choice, which is in recent years actually becoming a prime choice, is by booking a short term accommodation.

They are owned by people from all over South Korea, with the most rentals being situated in the capital of Seoul. Private owners lease their flats and apartments to the arriving tourists for slash prices.

They are very affordable and more cheaper than the hotels, but the interesting thing is that they provide the same services and in some cases even greater ones than the hotels do.

These private rentals are equipped with some of the most modern amenities available out there, so one can easily find a fully furnished apartment in Busan or a holiday home with cable, internet services and entertainment systems in Daegu of South Korea.


Flats and apartments listed here are situated in many convenient locations. For instance, there is a wide need for holiday homes situated in central Gwangju but also for some smaller flats which can be found in serene and quiet places of Daejeon.

Depending on your travel needs you can find a place on this page which is right near some of the most attractive places in the cities of Korea or some which are very close to landmarks or places of interest.

The popularity of these types of rentals is growing immensely and one can see that because the city of Suwon itself has over a thousand listed rentals available right now.

These types of rentals are intended for a more personal use since they fit the user according to his or hers standards which they have made themselves.


Apartment for rent in South Korea.

Apartment for rent in South Korea. From €45 per night.


More Info About South Korea


The republic of South Korea is situated in East Asia and occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. The neighboring countries are North Korea on the north side and China overseas and the islands of Japan to the west.

Approximately it has over 50 million people and the biggest and at the same time the capital city is the city of Seoul. Interestingly, more than half of people of South Korea do not affiliate themselves with any major religion, but the ones that do are mainly Buddhists and Christians.

South Korea is also considered one of the most modern countries in the world considering their science researches and the researches and breakthroughs they have made in robotics, space travel and biotechnology.


The most valued asset a person in Korea must have is his or hers education. The people around here pride themselves with good education and their education systems are among the best also.

The proof are the results of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment where South Korea came first in problem solving. They also pride themselves with art and architecture.

The art which is very important is shared and sort of similar with the North Korean and is mainly influenced by Buddhism and Confucianism. The architecture is also unique because the Koreans strive to make it be more in harmony with nature.

Also the cuisine is very interesting and many people who have visited South Korea are very much satisfied with their Korean royal court cuisine.


South Korea

South Korea