Short Stay Apartments in Strasbourg


A wide selection of short stay apartments in Strasbourg is now accessible to you through a few simple clicks. Consider this page as your prime browsing tool in the search of top places to stay in the French city of Strasbourg.

The page offers a variety of stay at affordable prices and is meant to help each visitor of this city in finding his or hers perfect accommodation.



Furnished Apartments in Strasbourg – Info


Strasbourg apartment with 5 rooms

Apartment with 5 rooms to rent in Strasbourg


By considering this page and renting some of the short term rental listed here, you will actually be staying in other people’s home. People from Strasbourg rent their spare bedrooms or entire accommodations, some even rent their own personal home while they are themselves on a trip.

This becomes a perfect way of staying in a foreign country as it is much cheaper and convenient to rent. You can enter the date of your temporary home and browse through the given pictures of the apartments in rent in Strasbourg listed here and make your decision that way.

You can even contact the landlords directly and pose additional questions you are interested in. But the best way to find out about your potential stay is reading the posts left by past visitors and studying their experiences.

You can even leave one yourself if your experience by renting through this page becomes a positive one. And actually why wouldn’t it be? The selection of the offered private accommodations is grand and exquisite.


Strasbourg short stay apartment close to the Cathedral

Short stay apartment in Strasbourg, close to the Cathedral


There is something for everyone. A studio apartment for a weekend in Strasbourg can be arranged as well as a stay of a couple of days. Consider the offer of more than a hundred listed holiday rentals which are available to you at cheap prices in Strasbourg.

There are flats to rent with a terrace and there are apartments with double bed arrangements. Many are furnished with a lot of useful amenities while the whole houses to rent, which are also available, will bring you a wholesome experience enabling you to spend a better vacation.

You can experience Strasbourg by yourself, staying in a comfortable studio, or with your family or friends, using a larger vacation rental as well.



Info About Strasbourg


Strasbourg is located in the eastern part of France, just on the very border with Germany, and is the capital of the Alsace region. Being close to the border in this city you can see both the influences of French and Germanic cultures. The architecture, the traditions and almost everything has a twofold influence.

Strasbourg is also the seat of many European institutions. It is the seat of the European Parliament and also buildings of the Council of Europe, the European Ombudsman of the European Union and the International Institute of Human Rights can be found here.


Strasbourg France street

a street in Strasbourg, France


The Grande Île, or the Grand Island as it translates in English is the historical center of Strasbourg and represents perhaps the greatest attraction this city poses. It is also a World Heritage Site proclaimed by UNESCO in 1988.

Due to its large influences by both the Germanic and French culture, this city has been often expressed to be a link between these two countries.

The site which links these countries the most is the University of Strasbourg, the second largest in France and one of the best in the region, which both sides use and attend to, Also Strasbourg is economically very significant to France as it is a port city situated on the River Rhine.

Being the second largest port on the river it is a manufacturing and engineering hub of the region as well as the country. Its main sites are the sandstone Gothic Cathedral, the Romanesque Église Saint-Étienne, the Jardin botanique de l’Université de Strasbourg, the Musée des Beaux-Arts and many more.



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