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Welcome to this web page which we designed to provide you with an overview of furnished short stay apartments in Thailand and various areas and cities of this country.

We also aim to make it as easy as possible to plan out your vacation in this area by giving you a brief summary of interesting facts about this country and its characteristics.

This exotic part of the world will definitely leave you with many precious memories which will always make you want to come back again. We’re sure that Thailand will be able to cater to your every wish and vacation preference.


Apartment for rent in Thailand

Apartment for rent in Thailand. From €29 per night.


When it comes to accommodation hotels and hostels are beginning to lose their popularity battle against private accommodation for several reasons. First of all, when it comes to temporary housing there are no complicated rules and regulations and strict procedures which makes you feel like you’re at home away from home.

Also, with private accommodation you can never go wrong as there is a wide range of rental types, locations and prices so they are able to cater to every vacation style and budget.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a luxurious villa at the seaside for rent or just a simple bed & breakfast arrangement – you’ll surely find an ideal short term rental for your holiday trip in Thailand.


Every rental you can find via this website is owned by friendly local people who are happy to help their guests have a great time during their stay.

You won’t have to worry about acquiring any necessary information, as your hosts will be happy to help you solve any dilemmas you might have, point you to the most beautiful landmarks and picturesque areas to visit.

They will also be able to show you all the great places where you can taste the best-prepared meals and to learn more about the characteristic of this country and area.


Rent an apartment in Thailand.

Rent an apartment in Thailand. From €95 per night.


There are more than one thousand short stay apartments in Bangkok available through this page, varying in prices and locations and able to cater to every vacation style.

When it comes to rentals in Chiang Mai you will have almost five hundred temporary housing options, including entire flats with multiple bedrooms and enough space for everybody if you’re planning to come over with a larger group of people.


In Phuket which many consider a paradise on Earth, you will be able to find more than eight hundred luxury condos and beach villas which will allow you to bask in the beauty of this part of the country to which everybody dreams of coming.

There are many furnished flats and houses at the seaside in Pattaya, more than five hundred and thirty of them, so you will easily find one that will be perfect for your holiday trip.


Sukhothai, Thailand

Sukhothai, Thailand