Apartments and Rooms in Trier for Rent


The purpose of this page is to provide you with information about short stay apartments in Trier, Germany. At the same time, we will provide you with ideas and recommendations – what to see and experience in this city, though you can count on your hosts in Trier to give you detailed information and “insider advices”.


Trier apartment

Trier, apartment for rent. From $105 per night.


Have in mind that there are almost one hundred short term leases in Trier available through this page. If you plan on spending more time outside sightseeing and want a cheap accommodation you can rent a private room and let your worries drift away.

On the other hand, if you want to feel like nobility and spending some extra money on lodgings doesn’t bother you, you can rent a studio, or even a whole house and have an unbelievable stay in Trier in the heart of Europe.


Trier Apartment

Apartment for rent in Trier, Germany – from $95 per night!


Of course, if you want a balance of the two you can rent a regular flat so you can use the perk of being able to invite friends, a thing that most hotels have strict regulations about.

If you’re wondering about additional perks of this kind of vacation in Trier, don’t think you won’t be able to expect all the luxury available in hotels (of course depending on the rental you choose).

Whether you plan on coming over with family, with the significant other, friends, or whichever way, you can find many amenities available.


Trier room

Private room in Trier for rent. From $25 per night.


All temporary accommodation listed on our website are owned by friendly locals. Their studio apartments and holiday houses are big enough to accommodate large groups of people. That can be very interesting for you if you plan to visit Trier with your big family or with many friends.

Each guest house is fully furnished and have it’s own kitchen and amenities. This means that you can have great city break or a weekend in Trier if you decide to book online.



Historical Sights in Trier


Trier, in English historically called Treves, is the oldest city in Germany, founded before 16 BC on by the river Moselle and surrounded with low vine-covered hills and being a part of the important Mosel wine region in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate near Luxembourg.

It is a small city with the population of about 105 thousand inhabitants and the home of the University of Trier (founded in 1473, closed in 1796 and restarted in 1970).


Trier Germany

Trier, Germany


There are many well-preserved Roman and medieval buildings, among which are the Porta Nigra (the best-preserved Roman city gate on the northern side of the Alps), the magnificent Constantine Basilica, Trier Cathedral, the Roman amphitheatre, the 2nd century AD Roman bridge (Römerbrücke) along with many museums (Rheinisches Landesmuseum, one of the two most important German archaeological museums for the Roman period, Toy Museum of Trier, Karl Marx House, and more).

Every summer there is the biggest Roman festival, Brot und Spiele (Bread and Games) organised in Trier, and is an awesome event to attend.


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