Private Villas in Turkey


This page is created to help you plan your trip to Turkey. Information regarding the best and most affordable short stay apartments in Turkey is provided to make your search easier. Finding good private accommodation that fits your budget is important, which is why we have provided you with a little bit about rentals. 


Istanbul Flat

Flat for rent in Istanbul, Turkey – from $50 per night!


You may have noticed that many people are opting to rent spacious houses and flats when they travel abroad. This is because hotels can be expensive and many travelers prefer to spend money on food and shopping.

For those who want cheap studio apartments, here you can find large selection of it. You have the option to lease depending on the duration of your stay. If you are planning a short stay in Turkey, you can go for temporary housing.


Bodrum House

Stone house for rent in Bodrum, Turkey – from $82 per night!


For those who are used to luxury and living lavishly, there are lovely villas that can be rented and they have all the amenities to ensure that you live the lifestyle that you are used to even miles away from home.

No matter what your budget is, you can easily find the best places to stay in Turkey. To make sure that you get the maximum options to choose from, it is best if you do your booking as early as possible. This way, you get the holiday rental that you can afford.


Ankara private room

Ankara private room for rent. From $24 per night.


Places Worth To Be Seen in Turkey


Turkey is a fascinating country that has a rich and diverse culture. It has a plethora of unique and exciting attractions that will leave you amazed. You should definitely visit cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Bodrum to get the best experience while you are in this exotic locale.

When you are in Istanbul, some of the attractions that you should not miss are the Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace, The Blue Mosque, Aya Sofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam and Aya Sofya. There are many more great sights and attractions to enjoy in the city.

In Ankara, Ataturk Mausoleum, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Hattusha, Ethnographic Museum and Ankara Vineyard House are some of the places that need to be visited. Many attractions in the city speak volumes about the history of the country.

In Bodrum, you should visit Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology, Bitez Beach, Pedasa Antique City and many more places. With so many interesting places to see, there is no doubt that you will have a wonderful time in Turkey.