Short Stays in Wellington, New Zealand


A wide array of different types of short stay apartments in Wellington, New Zealand are available here. The page grants you an opportunity to explore some of the cheapest and most interesting short term leases in the country and all with a purpose to help you make a better choice.

The page will also give you everything you need to know about the city of Wellington and something about its landmarks and entertainments.


Apartmen for rent in Wellington.

Apartmen for rent in Wellington. From per night.


A very popular and modern city like Wellington features a lot of different types of temporary housing. Firstly, the majority if not all short term rentals are under the ownership of people living in this city. They are leasing their private homes or flats for a very affordable price to any type of a tourist, visitor or passerby.

Given the fact that this is a city with over 300 000 people living in it you can get the idea that there are many convenient opportunities in finding just the right short stay accommodation for you.

In Wellington, New Zealand you can find something like a double bed flat completely furnished and suitable for shorter stays and even situated in the center of the city.


You can also try to get a private room in a flat or even a whole studio apartment for yourself and your significant other for your holiday weekend. Leases situated in building often include private parking spaces in front of the building and an elevator so you won’t have to walk up the stairs.

But there are also some holiday homes or whole houses to rent in Wellington. They can be located in suburban and quiet areas of the city or near the water so you can have a nice view and a relaxing atmosphere.

Whole house will include two bedrooms, fully and newly furnished kitchens and, at least the more modern ones do, a full entertainments system with a TV a stereo and an internet connection.

There are also some dozen villas available in the area of Wellington with a few of them being located just near the port. All brand new amenities and services are available with them.


Rent an apartment in Wellington.

Rent an apartment in Wellington. From €79 per night.


More About Wellington


Wellington is situated in the southwestern part of the North Island and is the second largest urban area of the country. It is also the country’s capital as well. More accurately it is located between the Rimutaka Range and the Cook Strait and also houses 397,900 residents.

Wellington is classified as a Gamma World City by Loughborough University and was ranked 13th on the list of Mercer Quality of Living Survey of 2012. Wellington is very important for the country of New Zealand because it is its political, diplomatic and economic center.

In 2010, the city of Wellington measured a rise of over 60% in tourist arrivals and has become one of the most interesting places in the world to visit. Millions and millions of tourists arrive in the capital of New Zealand each year and the most popular way of getting here has proved to be on a cruise with a liner ship.

There are over 30 vessels scheduled to dock on the pears of Wellington bringing more and more people to see it. The things that the people are coming here to see are the unique natural sites of New Zealand, cultural attractions and some of the best restaurants in the world.

Attractions include the Museum of Wellington City & Sea, Zealandia, the Wellington Zoo and the Wellington Cable Car.


Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand



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