Short Stay Apartments in Zurich


Finding apartments to rent in Zurich is now ten times easier through this page at it incorporates modern and unique methods.

The page is designed to gather information about every listed private property and make them available all in one place, allowing you easy access to the info and the pictures about the rentals and resulting in making quality choices.


Zurich apartment in the heart of the city

Apartment to let in Zurich, located in the heart of the city


May it be that the city of Zurich is a wonderful vacation spot, we cannot deny that the city can be quite expensive, particularly for people who are on the budget. As a solution to cut some of the cost of your vacation rentals may come into the picture.

A hundred listed studio apartments for rent in Zurich are waiting for you to choose them and book for your holiday and the price range comes around from 50 to 300 euros per night for the most luxurious ones.

So as you can see, here you may find a bargain solution where for the price of a hotel room you stand to ease an entire home, which may be very suitable for a location like Zurich as it is a great place for family visits.


Zurich apartment for rent near the airport

Apartment to rent in Zurich close to the Airport


There are also many different locations which may tickle your fancy and meet your vacationing needs. You can rent a flat in an urban area of Zurich and stay in the very city center and explore everything that the city has to offer.

You can also book a nice holiday home which is just beside Lake Zurich and spend a nice vacation with a nice view on the water and a great surrounding for your family and children.

Additionally, you can lease a place to stay for a few days in a rural area of the city where you can spend a relaxing, serene and quiet vacation away from the busy life of the city. as you can see the offer is quite versatile and enables you a freedom of choice which the hotels cannot meet.

Also bear in mind that the short stay apartments are very exquisitely furnished by your hosts. You will find all the necessary amenities and services included within your short term rentals in Zurich.

Choose a self-catering accommodation with a kitchen or a flat with a fast internet connection. Every let is differently arranged and proposes an experience for itself.



Learn More About Zurich


Although not the country’s capital, the city of Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland. It is located in north-central par to of the country just at the beginning point of Lake Zurich. Zurich is an important city of Switzerland in terms of traffic as it is the central hub of air traffic, railways and road.

The Zurich airport and railway station are the biggest and the busiest in the country arranging many international flights as well. The city of Zurich owes its origin to the Romans when it was established as a settlement in 15 BC.

Today Zurich is a leading financial center and is ranked as a global city, meaning that it has gone a long way from being a mere Roman settlement.


Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich, Switzerland


Many institutions and banks are situated here and because of the low tax costs, many industrial and banking giants have made this city their main headquarters for business dealings. This has enabled the city of Zurich to become what it is today and to expand to these limits.

In many surveys, Zurich appears in the number one spot as a city which offers the best quality of life today. But Zurich is also famous for its theatres, galleries and an artistic tone to it. It is the home of the Kunsthaus and the Swiss National Museum, respectively.

The main sites of Zurich are the Lindenhof, which is situated in the old town of Zurich, Carolingian Imperial Palace, as well as the churches Grossmünster, Fraumünster and St. Peter, many other museums like the Zürich Museum of Art Centre Le Corbusier.



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